How To Book

When book with us, please leave your FULL NAME, your preferred number, prefer TIME and DATE of your appointment,  your requested services in DETAILS( For example: which kind of manicure you would like to do? gel? Dip?, do you need extensions?, do you want any designs, or special requests, even send us some pictures would help). The more details you give us the easier ,and faster we schedule you accurately.


There are 3 ways to book with us: 

  • By Text: You can text message us at our business cell phone line 603-288-2096 (24/7) and we will reply back as soon as we can. This is the most preferable way to book since it is very convenient and flexible.

  • By Direct Message: Another way to book with us is DM to our Instagram, Facebook, Yelp or even our website. However, we prefer Instagram and Facebook over other Platforms since they are quick and easy. 

  • By Phone: During our business hours, you can call us at our business land line 603-420-8699. If nobody answers the phone, it means we are currently very busy. Please forgive us and try the other two ways above to book. 


If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours notice (prefer 48 hours if you can). Any changes less than 24 hours notice would count as no show and you may need to put down deposit next time you want to book with us. Please understand that we are appointment based and during this time it is really hard for us to fill the empty slots.